Nowadays, especially in construction machinery hydraulic systems operate with higher pressure and number of cycles.
Resistant to high pressure hydraulic systems needed a good filtering in order to work healthy and long-lasting. Perhaps the most inexpensive maintenance and healthy working based well filtering.
In order to drain particles from hydraulic oil should be used make precise filtering hydraulic filters.

1- Suction Line Filters: Mounted to pump section line or into the oil tank. Placed into

    repository to filtered any dirt roughly. Sometimes should be cleaned. As result of clogging

    of the suction line filter the air enters to pump and therefore performance falls.
    Recommended type for Suction Line Filter is capable of draining until 0, 13 mm.

2- Pressure Line Filters: These types of filters are used to send clear liquid in order to protect

    installed filter elements after the pump. Pressure Line Filters are made of stainless steel.

    In order to avoid any problem of moving elements installed after the pump. The structures

    are more durable and expensive.

3- Return Line Filters: These types of are called low pressure filters which connected in

     hydraulic systems. They are low pressure therefore should not be used in excessive

     pressure. Provide cleaning of contaminated liquid in the return line.